Service Policy

Cleaning Inspections

At For Your Element Cleaning, your happiness matters most. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we’re committed to ensuring your contentment. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we.

After your cleaning, we ask that you conduct a thorough inspection alongside our cleaning team. If you’re not completely happy with any part of the service, we’re more than willing to address any areas that may have been overlooked free of charge at the time of service. This re-cleaning is on and happens right then and there.
Once the inspection is done, our service is complete for that session. We will not come back out to re-clean after the inspection is complete. Any extra services beyond this point will be charged accordingly.

We understand that life can get busy. If clients are unable to complete the inspection due to not being home, unavailable, or choose not to perform the walk-through inspection, our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE will be considered null and void.

Thanks for choosing For Your Element Cleaning. We’re here to make your space shine, and your satisfaction is our goal.


For Your Element Cleaning, only accepts credit/debit card payments. During booking, we’ll collect your card details to hold your reservation. However, the card will not be charged at this time.
A hold will be placed on your account one (1) day prior to your service in the amount of your total balance. This hold is for authorization purposes only and not an actual charge.
The charge will be processed after the service, with an email invoice sent to you. Payment information is required from all customers before starting the job, unless otherwise stated.
If your service is cancelled for any reason, the hold will be released within 2-5 days.

Cancellation Policy

Punctuality matters at For Your Element Cleaning. We allocate time and a dedicated team for each customer. Changes or cancellations can be made up to 24 hours prior to your service appointment. Any cancellations beyond this timeframe will incur a $75 cancellation fee.

Recurring CleaningsCustomers can easily manage their recurring services through their portal and are free to cancel at any time. We kindly request a 24-hour notice before your scheduled cleaning; failure to provide this notice may result in a $75 cancellation fee.

Arrival Window

Punctuality is a priority for us. While we strive to be on time, we kindly request a 1-2 hour window from customers. This allows us to accommodate any unforeseen factors such as traffic and parking.

Maximum Cleaning Hours

Our flat-rate pricing model is designed to ensure fairness and transparency. For each type of job, there’s a maximum time allocated. If the job requires more intensive work and exceeds this time, a rate of $40 per additional hour will be applied.
It’s important to note that exceeding the allocated time is uncommon. We always communicate with customers in advance if we anticipate exceeding the maximum hours set for their job.

Safety Policies

Reaching High Areas: Safety is our priority. For liability and safety reasons, we regret that our teams cannot access areas higher than 6 feet or use ladders to reach high spots.

Moving Large Appliances: We’re happy to clean around or underneath your large appliances. However, due to liability reasons our cleaners are not able to move them. If you’d like us to do this, we kindly ask that you please move large appliances for us.

Accessibility of Interior Windows: For efficient service, windows should be reachable using a 2-3 step ladder. However, please note that for liability and safety reasons, our teams are unable to use ladders for climbing or reaching high areas.

Screen Cleaning: To ensure a smooth cleaning process, we kindly ask customers to remove screens before our arrival. Please note that, for liability reasons, our teams are unable to detach or install window screens.

Stain and Mold Removal

While we strive to provide the best results, we cannot assure complete removal of all stains and mold from grout and tile within bathrooms and kitchens. Our team will make every effort to remove the stains or mold.

Move Out Cleaning

For our Move Out cleaning service, we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that all furniture and personal belongings are cleared from the space before we commence our work. To facilitate the best possible outcome, we kindly request that no moving activities be scheduled during the cleaning time.

If you’d like us to clean around or under large appliances, we kindly ask that you move these items beforehand. Our maids cannot move such items due to liability reasons.

Deep Cleaning

To ensure the most effective results during our Deep Clean service, we kindly request that customers prepare the space by picking up clothing, personal items, and clearing cluttered areas before our arrival. This allows our cleaners optimal access to surfaces for thorough cleaning.


We specialize in cleaning services and do not offer home organizing or decluttering. Our focus is on providing a comprehensive cleaning experience that leaves your space refreshed and rejuvenated.


We welcome pets at For Your Element Cleaning! Please note that there’s a $15 charge per pet in the home to ensure our cleaning services accommodate their presence. Additionally, if we come across any animal feces during our cleaning process, a supplementary fee of $200 will be applied.

Wall Cleaning Policy

Wall cleaning is not included as part of our services due to the risk of paint damage from cleaning chemicals and liability concerns.

Trip Return Fee

In cases where we are unable to complete the cleaning of your home during the scheduled service due to factors related to the customer, a $50 trip return fee will be charged if we need to return to complete the service.

Booking Less than 24 hours 

If you require a booking less than 24 hours in advance, we can accommodate your request. However, please note that a fee of $35 will be assessed.