Join The Team!

Our Three-Step Process to Join Our Cleaning Team!

Step 1:

Complete the Initial Screening Form

Begin your journey with us by filling out our initial screening form. This form allows us to gather important information about your qualifications and experience. We carefully review each submission to assess if you’re a good fit for our team.

Step 2:

Phone Interview

If your qualifications align with our requirements, we’ll invite you to a phone interview. This conversation allows us to get to know you better, discuss your experience in more detail, and address any questions you may have about the position. We value open and transparent communication during this stage.

Step 3:

Paid Test Cleaning

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the initial screening and phone interview stages. As the final step, we’ll arrange a paid test cleaning opportunity. This allows us to evaluate your skills in action and ensure a seamless fit within our company’s standards.

Onboarding and Job Assignments Await!

Once you've successfully completed all three steps, it's time to celebrate! We'll begin the onboarding process, providing you with all the necessary information to kickstart your journey with us. Get ready to embark on an exciting career as we start sending cleaning jobs your way!

We value each applicant and appreciate your dedication to the process. Our goal is to create a strong and supportive team, and we're thrilled to have you as a potential member. Start the process now by completing our initial screening form. We look forward to connecting with you soon!